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Eco Magic Wipes are perfect for any use. These all natural environmentally friendly wipes are safe for sensitive skin and are free from harmful chemicals. There compact size and light weight makes them extremely portable and easy to store. Individually wrapped they will remain in sanitary condition, completely dry and free from dust and dirt until ready to use.

Eco Magic Wipes are made from using a non woven process. With no weave there is nothing to trap dirt, stains, and odours. To use them again just rinse under running water, squeeze and let dry naturally.
Eco Magic Wipes are great for parents with children with sticky fingers or messy faces; add warm or cold water to wipe hands neck, face or refresh yourself when feeling the heat. Unlike pre-moistened wipes you determine how you’re going to use them by what liquid you add.  They can be used with antiseptic solution for cuts and scrapes or a temporary bandage. Add fragrant oil or fragrance and leave in your car, bathroom and anywhere else for an aromatic treat.


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