Eco Magic Wipes

Eco Magic Wipes

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A pack of 12 individually wrapped pieces is only $5.00 dollars. Affordable, it’s easy, it’s convenient, and it’s fun! Once you have used it as much as you can, there are no concerns about throwing it out, throw it in the compost and within 12 – 14 weeks it will have turned from viscose to earth!

Need a refreshing wipe to fight humidity? Love exercising but hate carrying a sweat towel? Hands still greasy after using serviettes? Want a chemical free wipe? Want something gentle enough for sensitive skin?
Then this is for you! A lightweight, convenient and refreshing, chemical-free, multi-purpose wipe, which is 100% biodegradable and made of 100% lint-free compressed viscose.

You decide how you will use the wipe, add water for endless uses, add fragrant oil or fragrance and leave in the car, bathroom and anywhere else for an aromatic treat, use with antiseptic, use in the garden to help growth and use up to 70% less water.

Yes you can reuse them, but no need to machine wash – simply rinse in water. They are made using a non-woven process, so with no weave there is nothing to trap oils, dirt, stains and smells, they simply run off!

Instead of buying loads of different products each week, why not just one? Use them as an alternative to serviettes, paper towel, baby wipes, make up wipes, and cleaning wipes!

Price: $5

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